Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥买家必读Term and Condition♥

Term and Condition
- Trouble maker are not allowed.
- 100%全属手工制做品, 有本人亲手动工.
- 100% DIY handmade by my own.
- 不要讨价还价, 这样会对其他买家不公平
- Please don't bargain, be fair with other consumer.
- 如有延迟,本人会通知.
- I will announce if any delay.
- 请确定了定单才提交,一旦接了定单和汇款,我就会开始动工.
-please confirm the order before submit, once I get the order and payment I will be start to works.
-货物售出, 恕不退换.
- Goods sold out are not returnable.
- All prices listed are in Ringgit Malaysia.
-以下照片是有本人我nicolefish亲自拍照, 相似度90%.
- The belowing photos was taken by me nicolefish, similiar 90%.
- Please contact us as soon as possible if got any problem while sending.
- Any consideration are break or lost, not under my responsibility.
- 如收到货物后, 请记得让我知道哟 "报个平安".
- If you got the stocks, remember to let me know ya.

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